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Family Vacations & Charity Fundraising: Why Cruising Is Best!

You may be asking: why did we lump ‘family’ and ‘fundraising’ groups together? Put simply, they both have added benefits. How are they obtained? Through Groups.


Cruise lines like groups because it means multiple people and cabins which means more profits. To get these groups, they’ve come up with programs that give back and/ or add value to your cruise without paying any extra. To qualify for these ‘extras’ the group must have eight or more cabins (16 guests based on double occupancy) but the savings are worth it!


Select the program that fits you best below for more details & benefits:





Earn Money AND Have Fun!



* We have pricing that the cruise lines will not offer the general public and we do not charge a service fee *


Some agencies charge you for the “service” they provide but don’t inform you until the very end – we don’t think that’s right.  We believe that providing quality, service, and expertise is something that you should expect.  We are here to send you on the cruise vacation of your dreams and have been doing just that for over 15 years.  We’d like to help you.


Expect More Without Paying More.


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